Why Mornings SUCK

I hate mornings, usually I’m never awake before 11am on a good day. Even then it still takes a while to get moving, depending on the day. If I wake up anytime before that, then I have paralysis because sleeping and waking is a trigger. No, it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed. Yes, I have actually tried going to bed earlier. No, it still did not make a difference. The problem here isn’t what time I go to sleep but how long I sleep for. The longer I am asleep, the more I go into a deep sleep. My body struggles to come out of a deep sleep possibly because of neuron misfires due to the potassium deficiency. No one really knows because most tests usually come back normal. And there isn’t a lot of research because it’s so rare. Heavy stuff right?

I can get up early but only if absolutely necessary. I would have to deprive myself of sleep and only sleep for a few hours. Basically, if I’m not sleeping heavily then I can get up. Unfortunately, eventually I would crash and need to sleep or have an abortive attack later that day. It can make it difficult to schedule pretty much anything sometimes. Thankfully my school has some flexibility in hours which is helpful. So yeah, there you have it. This is why mornings suck.

Tl;dr – Mornings suck because my body literally hates it

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