Time Constraints

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There’s Just Not Enough Time In The Day

Time constraints make it very difficult to create a class schedule that includes all of the classes that I need. Since I can’t do mornings, I often end up having to choose one class over the other because they are both at the same time or there is no way that I could fit them all in one afternoon or even one week. Even still more frustrating, I have to fit a 12-15 credits worth of assignments into a 12 hour day. Once you account for class time, breakfast, lunch, dinner and break time I’m left with about 6 hours of time. That also does not include free-time to do things that I enjoy. Luckily for me I learn pretty quickly but it still requires some careful balancing of time. It always requires finding a work around or careful balancing of resources and time. As a result we end up taking more semesters to finish school or have a bad couple of semesters health wise and have to sit out.

Choose One

Somehow I manage to stay in the gray area between good grades and good health

Sometimes I feel like I have to choose between school or socializing. I kind of don’t know how to do anything else because I’ve been doing home and school for so long. I’m working on getting better at this but it’s so hard when school takes so much of my energy. Old habits die hard I guess.


Time makes it even harder to build and maintain relationships with friends as well, it’s so frustrating sometimes. Most people have class, work, ect. in the mornings and free-time in the afternoon and evening. I’m the exact opposite which makes keeping up with friends and meeting new people in general really difficult. It would really suck when my friends would invite me to things and I wouldn’t have the extra time or energy to make it. It felt like I was always having to turn them down and it pushed me further away from them.

Sometimes I need the extra time to rest or run errand or go to appointments just like everyone else. Most of the time by the end of the week, I just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix and not talk. On days like that, it would be nice to have a friend to sit and do nothing with. No one expecting me to talk, or entertain, or help them with something. Just a friend to literally do nothing with and enjoy having the company of one other person there. It helps especially on days when I don’t have much energy or am achy or in pain. I don’t know if there’s any conclusion to make here besides time constraints suck lol.

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