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The Ring

There’s this one thing that I always lose,
Not periodiolodically.

When I found it I was lost.
It helps me find my way

When I lose it,
I am sad, frustrated – only briefly.
I look for it – nowhere to be found.
let it go.
“It always comes back to me”
I forget, for a long while.

I remember
And i smile,
and frown, because it is lost.
I accept that it is gone and move on.

One day it reappears
And I grin,
I grin widely

Sliding it on feels new but also familiar
Remembering all the places it’s been
Remembering how long we’ve been together.
Feeling warm on the inside,
Comforted by the feeling of it wrapped around me.
Cool and reassuring.
*a sigh*
It always comes back to me.
I remember, how much love is there
We fit together like we were never apart

A reminder of who I was, who I am now, who I’ve always been

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