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The Invisible Wo/man: A Poem

Since it’s black history month, and along with it the celebration of blackness, I have written a couple of pieces/blogs dedicated to things that black people can relate to. I’ve had these ideas for a while and now feels like the right time to finish them.

This piece in particular I wrote about being the only black person in white spaces. If you don’t know what that means, it is spaces where white people are generally the majority and black people are excluded or made to feel as if they should not be there. Simply being black, being who I am, in such a space can makes people uncomfortable and it is really hard to deal with and process sometimes. Along with that comes with a range of emotions that are difficult to describe but, hopefully they can be felt through in this poem. Enjoy <3

Imagine being in a room full of people
human, just like you.
the vibrations in the room are all wrong
you feel uncomfortable,
everyone shoved together into one small space
the tension is palpable.

your vibrations are warm and inviting, radiating out all around you
you smile, say hi, a simple hello
they turn to look at you
the spot where you are standing, where you should be
where you stood before
“maybe they didn’t hear me?”

“must’ve been the wind”
someone else turns to them,
a stranger, the same way you did,
and says hello.
their faces change, now warm, no longer impassive, nor carved from stone

what’s the difference between you and me?
and me and them?
And me and you?
them and me?

It is fine that you won’t acknowledge me
That you are uncomfortable with the melanin in my skin.
Is it my perfectly placed curls, arranged all on their own?
Or the fullness of my lips?
My luminous brown eyes? My wide nose, molded by the Divine without fault?

I am not ashamed of these things, I won’t shy away from my blackness.
I won’t stop existing in white spaces.
Yeah, that’s right, we belong here.

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