sick and tired of ur shit

A little feminist energy to feed the soul. Read it, or don’t. Either way men will continue to have the audacity.

This has been in my drafts for a long time because I wasn’t sure that anyone would be able to relate to it, seems silly now. I was inspired to share it by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the wonderful read she gave in her address to the House of Representatives. This is for all the women out there sick and tired of their shit.

Illustration by Monique Aimee http://moniqueaimee.com/

sick and tired of ur shit
Written by Morgan Wilson

We are told that we are born less.
Over-emotional and unintelligent.
Likely to ‘over-react’.

We are belittled when we dare to occupy space in any space that is dominated by men.
When we dare follow our ambitions to pursue our own careers,
we are called selfish and cold,
“What a fucking bitch”

Standing firm
we are told we’re ‘being a bitch’.
I shouldn’t have to remind you that I am
someone’s sister, daughter, cousin, niece, friend
for my life, my voice, my existence
to matter and be respected.

We are told that we’re disposable,
that we have no worth, especially not compared to a man.
That we deserve to be manipulated and beaten,
instead of punishing those that take advantage of us.
Restraining orders are should be there to protect us,
instead they serve as a desperate plea, our last will and testament.

We’re called easy and promiscuous
When we don’t wear bras or wear fitted clothes
It is deemed unladylike to enjoy dating and dare to enjoy sex.
Our autonomy taken away by men
who feel as if it is their job to dictate women’s bodies.
They certainly have audacity.

We’re called prudes for telling a man no,
For saying that we don’t want to have sex.
we weren’t ‘asking for it’.
we do not consent to the violation of our bodies or human rights.
We’re not an object to be used for the benefit of someone else
We have sexual, emotional, and physical needs and they should be fulfilled, fully.

Yes, we are systematically marginalized, pressed.
We’re paid less.
and yes,
the wage gap does exist.

Our worth is not defined by gender roles
Our worth is not defined by having children

Our worth is not determined by our sexuality
Our worth is not defined by marriage

We find love, someone that we care for.
and we get married
because we fucking felt like it.

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