Written By: Morgan Wilson (me)

And I fell off
somehow I fell behind.
Two steps back, both feet outside.
Time flies by but everyday is slow.
The world below feels like a distant memory, a fever dream.
Below it’s still functioning
Here I can’t anymore.

Why does the world go round and round and round
What keeps it turning round and round and round
It never stops spinning round and round and round
The world hasn’t stopped, but here I am frozen in time

One step forward, one step outside.
The world is turning, spinning too fast
Gravity pulling me to the ground.
Stumbling to my feet, I decide to leap, head first.
It’s still too fast
barely hanging on as the world spins by in a blur of words and colors
Hanging on to everything it throws this way
I do it with stride.

The pace is slowing, manageable now.
Finally able to take a good look at the world it feels strange, foreign.
Familiar smells and sounds, feelings.
It’s as if I never left.
Everything is still in it’s place, right where I left it.
Where did the time go?
When did the seasons change?

There is nothing to do but keep moving forward,
until the next time the world stops going round.

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