Here you can find a collection of all the poetry that I’ve written so far:

The Aftermath

I wrote this right after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and subsequent protests in 2016. During that time I was 92 miles away from Charlotte studying at UNC Greensboro. His murder was one of countless others such as Travon Martin, Terrence Crutcher, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Eric Garner and many, many, others who did not receive justice. If I were to take up all of the thoughts and feelings that I have/had and the chaos that follows it would be this. Here is what I wrote. It’s called “The Aftermath”.


Just find one thing, a small thing
It’s all around you
In everything


Who is that girl?
The one with inquisitive eyes
Black rimmed, sometimes caramel brown


I started biting my nails again.
It took me two days to notice.

Depression, all one word
A l o n e
“How are you feeling?”
T i r e d
always tired 


Peace and quiet
A safe space for feeling.
Always learning, observing.
Here is where I’m writing