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Gravity: A Short Poem About Mental Health

This is something that I wrote a long time ago, it was buried somewhere in my notes. I thought to share it in the death of Cheslie Kryst and conversations many people are having about mental health. It is short, but I think that it says a lot about depression and what it can feel like sometimes. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please reach out to someone. Please don’t read this if you aren’t in a good place for it, it’s kind of dark. Stay safe out there! <3

Gravity feels good
A warm hug, covering me completely
Sitting still, then laying down,
gently pressing me into the floor below
It feels so different not to fight it, why do we always fight it?
There’s no need to fight it
A relieved sigh,
I close my eyes.
The sky twinkles, singing a soft sweet lullaby.

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