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Episodes and Abortive Attacks: I’m Crashing

She is quite literally my spirit animal may I add

*Episodes, paralysis, and abortive attacks vary from person to person. Some people never experience paralysis but still experience other symptoms such as general weakness, mytonia, fatigue, ect. Or none at all. It can be quite complicated and confusing. These are the different types of Episodes and Abortive Attacks that I experience. *

Episode Type 1: Full blown paralysis

only triggered by sleeping/waking in early morning hours (pretty much anytime before 11am. 10am on a really good day. Maybe 7am at the cost of my sanity, sleep, and overall happiness.)
– Can’t move, speak, open eyes, can’t feel body at first
– Movement slowly comes back over time
– Series of events after waking from 1st to last: Body starts to feel heavy, able to twitch a finger, able to wiggle toes, adjust legs/position laying down, shift weight over to turn over, open eyes, sit up, hum/nod, arm movement good, maybe words, legs good enough to bear some weight, speech continues to improve but last to come back (like Ariel on the little mermaid when that bitch gives her legs but won’t give her voice back)
– It never hurts

Episode Type 2: mytonia and fatigue

– Generally what I am referring to when I say I’m having an episode, also occurs after full body paralysis (Type 1) (have lasted anywhere from a couple hours to two weeks)
– Triggered by period, high carb, high sugar intake, high sodium intake, barometric/ humidity changes, getting too cold, sleeping/waking, stress, sleep deprivation, thunder storms, cold medicine, anesthesia, exercise, nose/ear infections
– Mytonia in left leg (both calves becomes rock hard but when put weight on left leg it buckles bit not quite), left arm curls, general weakness in hands, lack of coordination, brain fog, fatigue
– It sometimes hurts; aches and pains sometime accompany this type of episode
– Usually happens after waking up and coming out of type 1, sometimes occurs out of the blue when I fell mostly okay. I usually can tell when I wake up what kind of day it’s going to be by the heaviness of my body. I wake up feeling hungover and exhausted; a lot of shuffling/hobbling around because my left leg cannot properly hold the weight of my body (hard to explain, maybe will upload a video or something so you can see)

Episode Type 3: Bedridden

(can last for 3-5 days but usually only lasts for 3)
– being too cold, weather changes, period, overexertion, stress
– very weak, mytonia in left leg, extremely fatigued
– usually only enough energy to get up to eat and go back to bed and sleep, anything else is exhausting, muscle aches and pains

Abortive Attacks

I feel good, more than fine and flying high then I’m crashing

– I feel fine, sometimes even really good and then all of a sudden I “crash”
– sometimes I do this thing where my body is like nope you gotta sleep right now. I call it crashing or starting to crash.
– I suddenly become very sleepy, slurred speech, slow blinking, too weak to get out of chair/walk/drive, heavy brain fog, sometimes mytonia of left leg
– I’ve never been pass-out drunk but I imagine an abortive attack is similar to what it would feel like and not in a fun way (it’s actually a large part of why I don’t smoke or drink, I already have enough of not having control of my body thanks)
– Usually caused by skipping meals, overheating, overexertion, getting too cold
– There are times when I can bounce back by eating or increasing potassium intake but most of the time my body demands sleep, so I sleep
– I’ve never been pass-out drunk but I imagine an abortive attack is what it would feel like, and not in a fun way
– There are times when I can bounce back by eating or increasing potassium intake but most of the time my body demands sleep so I sleep

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