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Chronic Illness & Mental Health

Photo by Jah Grey from Pexels

I’ve written quite a few poems about anxiety and depression here. Hopefully they have been helpful in expressing some of the effects that chronic illness has on mental health.

Usually my mental health is a reflection of how I’m feeling physically. There are times I feel fine physically but I just don’t feel like myself mentally. Many days are good both mentally and physically. There are long periods of time where I feel really good. Then I suddenly have a episode again. I’ve gotten more used to it in recent years but it’s still really discouraging sometimes. It is hard to shake off the negative feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s even harder during the school year. I’m not sure if it is something that you ever get used to.

Sometimes my mind is kind of foggy and I become more forgetful and unfocused. It takes much more energy to think and process information so studying becomes really frustrating. Overall, feelings of confusion, anxiety, and depression increase while motivation decreases. I withdraw from family and friends and lose interest in things that I am usually excited about. The end of last year was a really difficult time but
the past month or two it has been easier to get up and dust myself off. There are times where I allow myself to wallow and feel bad instead of getting up and trying. But that is to be expected. After all, I am only human.

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