Simon and Martina are travel bloggers and vloggers that post their adventures on their website and Youtube. In this video Martina plans to go shopping but all does not go as planned due to her chronic illness and she has to #buildaladder to reach her goal.

I think that it is scary to slow down. Mentally it is a new challenge to have to say that there are limits for yourself. It feels sometimes like “I didn’t achieve anything” or “I didn’t do enough in that one day” but what we’re starting to tell ourselves is that that’s an unhealthy message and we should be telling ourselves “okay, well you got part of your goal done, good for you for getting anything done”

Martina – Growing Martina’s Miniature Garden

Sometimes when I can’t accomplish the goals that I had planned for the day because of chronic illness and I feel discouraged. Something that has helped tremendously is to #buildaladder. It can be any goal, it doesn’t have to be school or work related. Just something that will help you to get up and not lay in bed all day depressed.

For the past 5 days I have struggled to leave the house. So far I’ve missed 3 days of class. Yesterday I had enough energy to go to Target and buy ice-cream, non-dairy of course. Today I’ve only had enough energy to eat, shuffle around, and sit around. I slept for 3-4 hours which has given me enough energy to write. Today I have felt depressed and the thought to build a ladder hadn’t crossed my mind all day. This post is the first rung on my ladder.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be asking a friend or family member for a ride to the corner store to get some snacks and watch a movie with them. Or maybe a simpler goal like to take a shower and pick out clothes that make you feel more comfortable. Another idea is to look up a recipe and bake/cook something that you’ve been wanting to try. If you’re not feeling up to either of these things maybe just try to get out of your bed for a few hours or go into a different room in your house. If it’s warm outside just sit outside on the stoop or the porch if you have one. Walk to the mailbox and check the mail. There are endless possibilities that can help you build a ladder. It’s also really important to have people around you who can help build it or to have a list of people to call on when your brain is foggy and you can’t think. Honestly, if you just get up and try it will help you to feel a lot better.

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