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Bereavement- A Poem

*Trigger Warning* – This might be heavy for some people. If you have anxiety or depression and you aren’t in a good place right now, I would recommend you come back to this later. It’ll be here, promise.

A little background: I started writing this a few months ago, after the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the 7 other people that were in the helicopter accident. It really shook me and the entire world. The grief that their family and friends felt was so palpable, it felt like I had lost someone too. This is a reflection of that feeling, something greater than sadness. Maybe grief is the word. Ironically and tragically, it fits with the way that so many hundreds of thousands of families may be feeling after losing family members to COVID-19. So here it is, I hope this resonates with someone, somewhere. Stay safe out there <3

Death is inevitable.
Taking away and breathing in new life
Ghostly impulses of our new found past tense
Triggered by memories and nostalgic feelings

H a u n t i n g
that e m p t y
where our loved one, where Someone
used to be

Death is inevitable.
Quietly stealing the brightest souls
Releasing them into the sky
Leaving us only with stars to remember them by

They leave behind bits and pieces
Of what they used to be,
parts of them are still here

our old routines
the name of our old street
a familiar song
a color, a comforting smell

Death is inevitable.
hold on tightly to living
be all that you were meant to be.
tighten your grasp, don’t let go of life.

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