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Anxiety and Depression


Overthinking by Namtia on

I started biting my nails again.
It took me two days to notice.
To make the endless insistent thoughts go away.
Bad grades
Because you spend so much time worrying, you begin to forget and lose focus
Every task is draining, no matter how small
Emotionally draining

Headphones in the grocery store to avoid social interaction
It’s the only way I can convince myself to get any shopping done
“Just keep breathing and breathing and breathing “
On repeat
Just keep breathing
Tears burning my eyes
And breathing-
Chest tightens
And breathing-
And breathing-
throat closing
You know I gotta keep-
choking on air
I keep on breathin


Depression, all one word
A l o n e
“How are you feeling?”
T i r e d
always tired
Physically here, mentally at sea
D i s c o n e c t e d
constantly fighting against a current of never-ending consuming numbness
Wave, after wave, of responsibilities
There’s always something, a glimmer of hope propelling me forward
Barely keeping my head above water
Sometimes I can stay there for a long time, safely floating
Only to be struck again
Dragging me back under
I give up
Drowning, suffocating
Losing hope all over again
Something pulls me to the surface
A face, a friend

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